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Become a Registered Crystalite

stand with me as we look out on the new kingdom we are creating together

Beauty, peace, and power. Everywhere we go, we leave a bit of kindness. Everything we touch is brightened by our light. A little bit of charm goes a long way when it's the kind that lasts forever. Doesn't it? And you, Crystalite, are the reason we stand so strong. Because together we wield more magic.

They know us. They see us. Wonder and magic. Warmth and light. 

The breeze in the wind when you feel something's coming.

The last thing they see when they close their eyes to sleep.

We're made of something different. There's Blue Elixer in our veins.

All Crystalites are special, Hero or Quiqling.

A Quiqling is any Crystalite who has not been given a special title or joined the Royal Guard. Our general community, our newcomers, and our children. Anyone can be a Quiqling as long as they're here for the right reasons.

Becoming a Hero is a special choice. One you must ponder before you leap. Because once you've been a guard, there's no going back. Once you've fought the good fight, you'll never be the same. Heroes engage in special missions to build the Kingdom...and protect it. Are you ready for that? Our Quiqlings need us. We've got work to do!


THE MISSION & Where Your Money Goes

Music the life blood of everything we do. We perform it. We share it. We teach it. We create it. We give it away. It fuels our ability to help fight human trafficking.

Your subscription money goes to...

  • Funding More Music, Art, and Trainings, and Other Creations
  • Freedom -- We fight human trafficking together! 

A portion of my earnings every month also goes directly to Operation Underground Railroad. When you're a Crystalite, you help in that fight!

We are the voices that cheer the sun to rise again when it feels it has burned it's last day.

The ones that stand watch when the waves are still and calm as glass, giving them a chance to rest.

And when someone speaks, we hear their words. No voice is silent.

Spread the magic. Build the kingdom. Fight back.


Join us. We are ready for you!